Minard's Liniment

Dr. Minard's Rx 'Just Rub It In'

What exactly is Minard's Liniment?

Minard's Liniment is a pourable, white creamy rubbing lotion containing medicinal ingredients with a strong, penetrating odour. The potent smell dissipates quickly after application. The lotion is rubbed on liberally three or four times daily to the painful area. Minard's Liniment comes in an attractively shaped bottle true to its historic roots.


What makes MINARD'S work?

The MINARD'S formula is potent, penetrating, and smells powerful too. But it works. Use it any time to ease muscles strained from your active day. The main ingredient, Camphor, is a natural pain reliever from an evergreen tree that has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years in Eastern and Western medicine. You'll find it in headache balms and chest rubs used to help break up congestion due to colds. Its vapors penetrate deeply, acting as a mild local anesthetic and stimulating circulation. (Good blood flow through muscles is essential to healing.) Camphor produces a feeling of warmth that rejuvenates tense muscles, and helps ease muscle aches, swellings, sprains and bruises.

Pain Relief