About Us

Our family, which has played a major role in the pharmaceutical industry in the USA for more than eight decades, launched Stella Pharmaceutical Canada Inc. in Canada in 1961.

Minard’s Liniment all started over 160 years ago with the words “rub it in”, which quickly became a catch phrase of Dr. Levi Minard of Hants County, Nova Scotia, when treating his patients with his own special liniment for easing muscle and arthritic pain.

Developed in the 1860s, MINARD’s is a liniment based on a unique combination of natural ingredients that are known to bring relief and comfort to sore muscles and joints. MINARD’s became widespread throughout Maritime provinces and Newfoundland, where fishermen relied on it to ease stiff and sore muscles common in the ocean’s damp and bone-chilling air. Thanks to its effectiveness, MINARD’s continued to spread in popularity throughout Canada, where Dr. Minard was named “King of Pain Relief”.


To this day, Dr. Minard’s formula continues to effectively relieve back pain, arthritic pain, and sore muscles. In the words of Dr. Minard, just “rub it in” and let it ease the pain away with its powerful and fast-acting natural ingredients.

Our History

MINARD’s is a Stella Pharmaceutical product. Stella Pharmaceutical is a leading provider of uniquely formulated, over-the-counter health products with a focus on pain relief, nutrition, baby care, and health and beauty aids. Stella Pharmaceutical is a family-owned company that prides itself on placing its customers first, responding quickly to changing needs and developing products that improve well-being.

Mission Statement

To deliver products, information and resources to consumers to empower them towards optimal health and wellbeing.